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Terms and Conditions for Design Services

1. Service Overview:
We offer a diverse rang
e of design services, including custom logo design, t-shirt design, wall art design, and more.

2. Payment:
Depending on the project's scope, a deposit may be required. Full payment is due prior to final delivery. Specific payment details for each service will be provided upon inquiry.

3. Revisions:
Each service package includes a defined number of revisions, detailed in the project proposal. Additional revisions beyond this limit may incur extra charges.

4. Turnaround Time:
Design projects are typically completed within 1-2 weeks, with exact timelines contingent on complexity. For new services, specific turnaround times will be communicated upon inquiry.

5. Ownership & AI Assistance:
To ensure unique and exceptional creations, we may utilize AI technology in our design process. Please note that the US Copyright Office has ruled that images created with AI assistance may not qualify as original works subject to traditional copyright protections. Ownership and copyright terms for AI-assisted designs will be outlined in project proposals.

6. Confidentiality:
We uphold strict confidentiality for all project details across all offered services.

7. Refunds:
Refunds are not available once work has commenced. However, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. Specific refund policies for new services will be detailed in project proposals.

8. Cancellations:
Clients have the option to cancel at any point, but please be aware that deposits are non-refundable. Cancellation policies for new services will be specified in project proposals.

9. Communication:
Clear and timely communication is essential for successful project outcomes. We'll provide specific communication channels for each service.

10. Dispute Resolution:
Our aim is to resolve any issues through open discussion and mutual agreement. Dispute resolution procedures for new services will be outlined in project proposals.

11. Updates to Terms and Conditions:
As our services expand, these terms and conditions may be subject to updates or revisions. We will provide notice of any changes to ensure transparency and compliance.

By engaging our services, you agree to these terms. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to craft outstanding designs for you.


Date: October 10th 2023


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